Kerrville, Texas
THE CHEMJET TREE INJECTOR - Australian Made - THE SIMPLEST MICRO-INJECTION AND INFUSION SYSTEM EVER DEVELOPED FOR TREES.  ChemjetĀ® a Simple Spring Loaded Syringe, The Advantage: Faster and Easier to Use - With Effective Results - For Your Trees And Money Savings - Safest Tree Injector Available - Completely Re-loadable and Re-usable for Infinite Number of Times - No Complicated Expensive Devices - No Applicator Frustration - No High Pressure Damage - Few Tools Required - Least Expensive - Covers Large Selection of tree health care products with systemic formulations of Antibiotics, Insecticides, Nutrients, Minerals and Fungicides available for tree injection treatment - Control many of the most destructive pests. Protect your trees with CHEMJET TREE INJECTORS -Ideal For The Home Owner and For The Professional Tree Care Industry
Injection Uptake Varies for S.O.D - 5 to 45 minutes for Oak Wilt - 3-5 Hours  Ā© ChemjetUS 2016
 R.I.P. Jim Rediker   For questions about the Chem Jet System Contact: Cell: 830.955.0304 Karen Rockoff Arborist - TDA Certified                   Karen Rockoff is the only ISA certified arborist BEWARE- There are other persons fraudulently representing These persons are not authorized or licensed to use the name or inject with the chemjet system. Please contact Karen Rockoff immediately if these persons attempt to solicit these services.