These roots will rapidly re-grow and inter-graft within a few short months and then penetrate the adjacent trench walls. Once the trench is refilled, it will create conditions for rapid new re-growth due to the soft aerated soils. Texas Forest service refers to it as trench failure.  This happens with every trench, it is only a, stopgap. Trenches only slow down the rate of movement of the disease in the Live Oak Trees via the inter-grafted root systems at the rate of 100 feet per year. Trenching will never stopped the rapid spread of oak wilt. 

Trenching has not stopped the rapid spread of the disease. In the early 90’s, Austin had less than 75 Oak Wilt centers and in less than 4 years that number jumped well over 400 Oak Wilt centers. The insects are not looking for trenches or stop signs, it's your healthy tree that the beetles are after, Treatment with the Propiconazole 14.3% has proven effective in saving tens of thousands of trees, but has not slowed the progression either. This the best we can do! There has been no further research since May 1990, and that is exactly where we stand to day, providing absolute distraction from the reality of finding a cure for Oak Wilt. Using the same basic ideas of Drill‘em and Kill‘em Macro method, that causes very invasive damage, exposure to soil borne pathogens and microbial infections, using the same tools and chemical application protocol at the expense of the homeowner's trees and his pocket book. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. States from Wisconsin to Texas have been researching a cure since the 40's and yet to find one.

​Micro Injection, using Chemjets®, reduces the collateral damage and labor to less than 85%. At the same time provides distribution with very effective results due to the 3" equidistance spacing of the injectors around the trunk stem close to the base-4 inches above the soil line.

Success rates vary, depending on the tree, if the infection is present and how far it has progressed. There is no guarantee a tree will survive but at lease it has a fighting chance.